Saturday, 25 March 2017

Up the Wall

Up the Wall

Morning!  How's it going?
I know, some of you won't see
this until evening!  I just feel
if I say Good Evening it will
seem as though I've only just
remembered to do the blog

Craftyfield is here today with
a super card reminiscent of
travels to sunnier climes.....
..........and times.....

"Despite the many options available to create a wall texture,
 I chose to represent the rendered walls so popular in Europe.
 Shame really as The Craft Barn has many stencils and stamps
 to fake the look of bricks, stones, wood and more...
 It could have been so easy... 
But no I persevered!

To complete the look I needed to create a window 
for my wall and some sort of gate, maybe with a bicyle...

To create my window I cut 4 rectangles from
 a piece of white cardstock. 

I then used an embossing tool and a foam mat 
to emboss lines around the frame

For colour I settled on a blue base, 
which I distress in the next step.

I mixed the colour from Frescos in 
South Pacific and Lavender.

I applied a thin layer of diluted crackle and
 overpainted with white paint

 I used double sided tape to affix a piece of 
acetate for my window panes

The wall texture was built in layers.
 I started with a layer of gesso and painted mixes of colours
 over the top to establish a background colour. 

Then with a sponge and tinted Grunge paste I "stamped" the stucco texture. 

I must say I wasn't sure if this would work, but it does, brilliantly in fact!

 I considered giving my window some curtains
but decided a dark colour would leave more to the imagination. 

I roughly drew in my panes with Inktense pencils 
mixing the colours on the paper. 

I then applied (a little) water with a wet brush.

To distress my wall I added some crackle, 
mixing grey and black ink directly on the stamp 
on top of Antique linen Distress ink.

 The Distress allows the inks to mix more 
readily with each other.

Finally the garden was stamped, fussy cut 
and coloured with Inktense pencils.

I tried to take some picture in natural lighting 
and this one does show the wall texture, 
very true to life I think

And another close up showing the subtle crackle 
and my impulse addition of a flowering branch 
coming down the wall, 
which I also painted with pencils."


That stucco effect is amazing Craftyfield
Thank you for showing us how to do that

Think I'll go and see if I can
achieve at least a reasonable 
resemblance to stucco

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Really love the wall texture, you've captured the effect very well.x

  2. This is beautiful and the stucco wall is fantastic! xxx

  3. A really realistic wall effect xxx

  4. Fabulous card and technique!!!!
    I love the clever way of how everything is thought and so beautifully done here, thank you Craftyfield for this superb card. Stamping is also wonderful (pinned this card of course on my Crafty Indivifuals inspiration board :-) and thanks for your great step-by-step! xxx


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