Thursday 2 March 2017

Street Art

Street Art

Hi there!

Loving the theme this week
today we have Claire Jackson
with a timely canvas 

"The street art theme lends itself to something 
a bit more grungy and masculine and the
Seth Apter stamps are perfect for this style. 

You could use this technique for a decorative canvas 
but I thought it would make a good clock background. 

Prime a 20x20cm canvas with snowflake paint 
and punch a hole in the centre

Use texture/embossing paste through a brick wall stencil. 

I put it in three main areas and left the centre clear.

Paint the canvas in chalk and buff paint. 
Make sure it’s completely dry before the next step

Place the stencil back in place and tape down. 
Use a stencil brush to stipple paint onto the raised areas. 
I used autumn fire, blood orange, claret and
chocolate pudding to build up a brickwork effect.

Don’t forget to extend the paint onto the sides of the canvas.

Gently rub a sponge with walnut stain and 
black soot Distress Ink over the brickwork 
so that it catches on the edges

Stamp the words onto tissue paper in yellow paint, 
outline with a black permanent pen 
and paint white paint on the back. 

Stamp other images in black ink and add 
paint to the back of the tissue. 

Tear around the images to create a soft edge.

Decide where the tissue images are to go 
and paint collage medium on the canvas. 
Stick the images on and add a layer of
 collage medium on top. 
Gently rub with a finger so that the
medium sinks in and the tissue becomes transparent.

Add more stamping in paint and darken the 
edges further with Distress Ink.

 I added in a little green to lift the colours. 

When it’s all dry add the clock mechanism."

Materials used:
Thank you Claire for a
great project - one for
the boys!  Tomboys even!
Who says the menfolk
are difficult to create for?

Send them here, we'll
show them how it's done!!

'till tomorrow



  1. Fab clock Claire, brickwork colouring is superb. X

  2. Thank you Jane. It's a bit trial and error to get a realistic colour combination for the bricks. You start to realise that seemingly uniform brick walls are actually made up of dozens of colours...I looked at a lot of wall photos!

  3. Very clever Claire , love it. Happy crafting,
    Angela xXx


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