Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Circle week - Karen

When I mentioned "different" projects from the DT, you see what I mean. Nothing to do with Neil's approach on the subject. 
Karen chose to alter a small (round) tube container using the Tando Circles as a base and turn it into this gorgeous incense sticks "holder".

I love incense sticks and so have made a new home for them from Tando Circles and a small tube container. 
I glued the circles together in matching pairs and then covered them with Crafty Individual papers and edged them with Brilliance Pearlescent Purple. 
Then I stacked them up centrally and glued them together. Using Fresco Finish Moonlight paint, I painted the inside of the tube before covering it with Crafty Individuals paper. 
The tube fits nicely over the smaller circles so I just used sticky foam to attach. 
The Tando Mini butterflies have been painted with the Moonlight paint, lightly stamped and edged with Brilliance Pearlescent Crimson before attaching. 
I finished off with some lace where the tube joins the circles.


See you tomorrow


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