Thursday, 26 November 2015

Paper Folding - Neil Walker

Hi everyone,

Did you know we have just had World
Origami Day on the 11th of November??
No......nor did I!
Well we thought it would be a good idea 
to get the DT paper folding and so
this week we shall see what they have been up to!

Today, we start with Neil.

Neil says.....

At this time of the year I think there's often
 a need for quick and simple gift and
 presentation ideas. I like this simple gift 
bag as it is quick and easy to make and
 you can pretty much tailor the size
 to suit the gift.
You don't even need to add the handles;
 you could just fold the top over and hold
 it closed with a mini peg or clip too.

I've started off with an approximately A5 piece
 of old sheet music paper which had been
 embellished with a resist technique using a mask.

Place the paper decorated side down and fold 
the top edge over (measurements are fluid 
lol, this is about 1cm). Mark off the centre.

Fold the sides over to meet in the middle.

Use decorative tape to join together.

Open the bottom edge and push the folded 

outer edge in to flatten as seen.

Fold the bottom edge over. (This is around 2.5 cm ish)

Repeat for the other side.

Fold the edge to the middle..

Repeat for the other edge and join with
 decorative tape.

Punch a couple of holes in the top and add
 decorative string to create handles.

Finish with a suitable embellishment
 and your gift bag is ready.

How lovely is that?
I'd love to receive that bag, even if
there is nothing in it!

If you fancy having a go, this is what
Neil used....

White paper or old book paper


  1. Great way to magic up some fancy wrapping at a short notice.... and very nice too!

  2. Ooo, lovely idea, thanks Neil, I reckon I could use a few of these aft Christmas!


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