Friday, 6 January 2017

3D Bloom and Texture

3D Bloom and Texture

Hallo Everyone!

How're you today? 
Still enjoying the holiday?
Or are you back to the grind and the
holiday rapidly becoming a dim 
and distant memory

Never mind, here is Craftyfield
with a project that is sure to
set the mojo going

 I started with the Weft and Fabric Numbers stencil by Carabelle 
and Memory inks and obtained a lovely soft effect. 

I carried on stencilling with the Chicken wire Reversed Stencil.

For the next step I used sprays with the Shedded stencil (DecoArt), 
in Cobalt blue and Precious Stone.

Time for the pastes, here I used black gesso 
with the same Carabelle stencil having 
obliterated my previous stencilling with the spray! 

I also used Grunge paste with Pixillated.

As a project progresses I reassess the balance of colours 
and, if I find something not working, I try and change it. 
I didn't like the white in the background so 
I knocked it back with Distress inks. 

I then added Grunge paste through the Inspiration stencil. 

You'll see that the "Inspire" has also changed colour 
in the final photo, simply because it was hard to see 
against the background

My focal point is a Tando frame against that Inspire word 
and I painted it with Imagination Crafts Starlight Paints 
(Dark Orchid, Mint and Platinum)

3 Butterflies of different sizes provide the finishing touches.
 They are from a Crafty Individuals set, and I used 
both line and solid versions of the images, 
line with black ink and solid with blue and oranges dye inks.

In this picture you get an idea of how much shine the
 Starlight paint gives when hit by direct sunlight.


Such an inspiring project Craftyfield 
thank you very much for helping us back into the
creative zone

'Till tomorrow 

Mickie xx

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  1. Gorgeous!! Love all that's going on in the background, and the warm colours are lovely - need some of that this time of year ;)


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