Sunday, 8 January 2017



Hi there!

No challenge today, just thought 
I would pop by and see how
you're doing.

Hope you haven't succumbed
to the post Christmas cold/'flu
and are taking a moment to play
with your newly received stash.....

I'm still trying to find time to
complete a couple of UFOs
(unfinished objects)  -
I say "a couple" but the more
I do, the more I find .....
 Hey Ho!  That's life in a 
crafter's household......

There's still plenty of time for
you to enter the Month Challenge
and if you are at all short on
supplies...............(haha!  what am
I saying?!!...........) .................
then do take a look at the
Craft Barn Sale here
There are bargains to be had 
and selling fast

I'm off back to my UFOs, hope
your day goes well

'till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Hi Mickie..this made me smile..enjoy finishing your UFOs!! I have nearly finished my January page, it's a lovely challenge. Can I make a small it possible to put a link in the side by to find the current month's really hard to find once the post is not at the top?It would be so helpful.Last year with the dictionary challenge it took some time to find the post if it took me a nearly the 2 weeks to make my project, thanks so much. Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

    1. Hi Jane, if you look at the blog archive on the left you will see the posts for the current month and can go to the twelve month challenge from there.

    2. Hi Jane, I am hoping to change the Dictionary link to the Month link (once I work out how it goes!) However, thought I would leave the Dictionary link for at least this month so that people can find all the entries one last time so to speak. xx

    3. Many thanks Mickie, it would be so much easier. I do appreciate that the post will be in the archive but it can take some finding when there have been lots of other posts above the challenge. Also if the month has rolled over the post gets condensed and is no longer visible..if that makes any sense! xx

  2. PS one other question...I have included the actual lines of poetry on my work...I thought this was a requirement? Can you just clarify the rules. Many thanks xxx

    1. Yes, the project must include the actual lines of poetry appertaining to the relevant month.
      The challenge must be included
      Entries to be submitted via the link
      Choice of media, size/shape is to individual choice
      Think that's it really xx

    2. Thanks Mickie, it was just that I noticed a couple of the entries do not have the line of poetry included. I had already put the lines on mine so I'm glad I did! Happy Monday xx

  3. Love that acronym, from now on I shall refer to the stuff in my playroom as UFOs! I did get the bad cold over new year but better now so I'm back to thinking about the new project ..... UFOs will have to wait in the sidelines. x

    1. Haha! UFOs are like the laundry - always with you! xx

  4. If include knitting, embroidery and crochet unfinished projects with those at my craft bench the MOD would be on my case!!have fun and enjoy your day xx


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