Saturday, 7 January 2017

3D Bloom and Texture

3D Bloom and Texture

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all wrapped up
warm and cozy on this fine
chilly day!

We have Hazel Harler to talk
us through her stunning canvas
so get yourself a cheery cuppa
and prepare to be A-mazed....

"For my project I used a 6" square canvas board

First I cut some vase shapes out of corrugated card 
having the ridges go different ways, 
then I glued some wooden shapes and pearls to them.

The vases then had a coat of gesso

I coloured the vases with acrylic paint.

 then sprayed gold foil Color Bloom on the blue vase, 
brimstone wings on the pink vase and 
dragonfly blue on the pale blue vase

 I used my finger to spread some Treasure Pewter over the vases

I stencilled some modelling paste through a Dreamweaver stencil 
and gave it a coat of gesso when the paste had dried.

 I watered down some acrylic paint , dabbed it on the canvas 
and sprayed with water letting it run down. 
I put the paint on one colour at a time drying it between colours

I thought it was a bit pale so I added some yellow 
paint and some red Gelatos I also splattered some frost Color Bloom

 I used my finger to spread Treasure Pewter 
over the modelling paste and went round the edge with black ink.

 I stamped some Paperartsy tulips.

 I coloured the flowers with pencils and cut them out
 I'd stamped extra flowers so that I could 3D the central petal. 
I glued all the pieces to the canvas."

Suplies used:

Thank you Hazel for your lovely canvas
giving us spring flowers and cheer

I'm thinking this will look lovely on my
mantel shelf and remind me that
spring really is just around the corner.......

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Wow, this is beautiful - I especially like the idea that you've used corrugated card for your vases, they really stand out as unusual! Rachel x

  2. Well done Hazel it is a lovely project

  3. Lovely canvas Hazel, especially like the background X

  4. Love this. Definitely have to try this.

  5. Fantastic Hazel! I love all this yummie textures! Brilliant!

  6. Love those textures! Fabulous panel Hazel! xxx

  7. Fabulous piece, so much texture and it 😃

  8. Brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing

  9. Brilliant!
    Thank you for sharing


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