Sunday, 29 January 2017



Hi Everyone!

Greetings from the cold, grey
south coast!  It is deserted outside
so I guess everyone is indoors
keeping warm.  Well, it is winter
after all.  

Funny thing about this
season is that when thoughts of
winter come to mind - there are
blue skies, bright, white snow,
colourful hats and scarves and
always a little bird twittering

Leave you with that thought........

Something bright and cheerful to
focus on now.

Went to Helen Chilton's first 
Kit and Kaboodle class yesterday
held in Lingfield by The Craft Barn.

Super class, lovely people and
great fun.  I may show you my 
light box once I can find enough
daylight to photograph it....

However, we also saw what is
coming up next month:

It is a set of boxes that can be banded
together.  Each box holding, as 
suggested in the picture, Tea or

Would make a lovely gift BUT you
don't need to stop at Tea or Soap
they can hold anything you like

The boxes could also be used 
individually for small gifts

I can see a scarf in one of these
boxes, tied with a pretty ribbon 
and finished with a tag

Who wouldn't be pleased to receive one?
What would you put in one and who
would you give it to?

Sandy tells me it will be possible to decorate
wooden boxes if preferred

I should also tell you that Helen will also be
showing us a new technique using 
Transfer Solution

So, just follow the link and you could be
having a great time at 

on the last Saturday in February

PS: if you want to do a different filling
or use wooden boxes, or both
please ring Sandy to book

Hope those lovely, bright colours have
cheered your day

'Till Tuesday

Mickie xx


  1. Oh why oh why did my parents have to get married on the last Saturday in February 50 years ago!!!!

  2. Looks like lots of fun to be had there Mickie, loving those boxes. Happy crafting, Angela xXx


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