Thursday, 16 November 2017

Crafty Emotions

Crafty Emotions

Hallo Everyone!

Good to see you!  Do you
know anyone with a pre-
Christmas birthday?....

You do?....

Well here's a gorgeous
card from Craftyfield

 "Succulent, or cactus (Cactii) as I know them,
 are in trend in the crafting world and as soon 
as I saw the Craft Emotion set I knew I wouldn't
 be able to resist!

 It has several elements, enough to build up
 a complete rockery...

I first stamped all the images on the sheet
 and fussy cut them to help me decide on
 a composition.

 I settled on using only 3 elements to keep
 things relatively CAS. I used my fussy cut
 images as masks to stamp on watercolour
 paper with Brilliance ink in black.

 I coloured the image with Inktense pencils.
 Keep it light, you can always add colour later...

I then used a wet brush to "melt" the colour
 on the paper. After this first wash was dry,
 I re-applied pencils where I needed more
 contrast or more intense colour.

For the background, I wanted lots of shine,
 so I used Starlight paints, applied with
 a brayer all over a piece of cardstock. 

You can see the shine, in fact that
 is pretty much all you can see, 
despite the weather being decidely cloudy

I put together my card by matting the

 focal image onto Art-C glitter card in
 black, adding a sentiment stamped in 
black ink on a piece of white glitter card.
I really like that card it's non shedding glitter,

 sturdy but still die-cuts easily, and it shines...

So nice I added another piece of white 

glitter and used Enamel Accents to create
 faux brads.

Without proper sunlight it is difficult to show how nice
 the glitter looks, but I thought you might want 
to see how well it stamped, as I was concerned
 this would be a problem, especially as the
 script on this stamp is quite small. 

I should say that I did enlist my trusty stamping 
platform to stamp the sentiment and I did 3 inkings
 to get the intensity of black I wanted.

You may wonder why cactus for a birthday card
 and I'm mulling over several funny sentiments
 I can add to the inside. 
"No need to be prickly, you're not that old" 
or similar. 

I would be grateful for your suggestions

 so don't hold back and add your
 comments below...please... pretty please?


Thank you for a great card
Craftyfield and also for making
us all smile.....

Well, I laughed out loud
I know a few people who 
are feeling a little prickly
over their birthdays right now...

'Till tomorrow 

Mickie xx


  1. It's my birthday today but unfortunately I can't think of any witty comment. I did once try catching a cactus that fell of the windowsill - my daughter spent hours with tweezers pulling all the spines out of my fingers. Moral of the story - they look much better on this card. Elaine x

  2. Gorgeous card! I can't think of a funny sentiment, sorry - I am rubbish! xxx

  3. Great card, have been thinking hard about a sentiment --- the trouble is they all end up a little unkind rather than funny 😟 . Needle, prickly, point, sharp are all words that spring to mind. Good luck X

    1. I know... humor is such a delicate balance! xx


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