Friday, 7 September 2012

Transfer Artist Paper week: cushion

You know I have mentioned copyright issue beginning of the week with the Crafty Individuals images. Well, this goes with all images. It's not because it's online that we are allowed to use it. 
So to avoid any trouble with anyone, Isa'sArt found a way, she used one of her own paintings. 
Yes, I have mentioned it before, Isa is an amazing artist and her watercolours are truly beautiful. 

Isa printed one of her paintings onto TAP paper, transferred it onto white cotton and made a lovely little cushion. 

Product used:

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See you tomorrow


  1. Just so beautiful - Isa is a true artistic talent. If this doesn't inspire people, I don't know what will!

  2. Wow Isa a truly amazing painting which looks totally fabulous on your cushion ATP is definately on my wish list!

  3. stunning. a beautiful work of art turned into a super crafted creation. Well done Isa.

  4. Beautiful painting turned into a delightful cushion.


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