Sunday, 30 June 2013

Letter U winner and Wall of fame

Hi everyone, 

Time for the winners and wall of famers. 
I have learnt quite a few new words with this challenge I must say. You have been very inventive :)
Those which came back a few times were: Umbrella, Unicorn, Underwater, Upside down, Uniform...

So I asked my (now 10 year old) mini Meli for a number again... And here is what she picked.
It's Ipad to IpadMini conversation now as this is what she had for her birthday to replace her old IPod.

36 is Zeffy!
with this GORGEOUS page

Please get in touch to confirm your email address, and I will send you the code for your £ 20 voucher. 


Now for the wall of famers

6 months on with all the entries that we've had, it getting difficult to keep up with who has made it to Wall of Fame or not. I do write the names down, but I think that from now on, you will see names that you have already seen. 

Unlace by Cathylynn

 Upside Down by Chris R

 Utensil by Gill

 Underwear/untilitarian/unashamedly by Scrapmate

 Underneath by Trish Bee

Well done to all of you. 
If you are listed above, please get in touch and I will send you a Wall of Famer/Winner logo to display on your blog. 

Talk soon, 


  1. Well done to the "U" winners.

  2. Am I allowed to say I haven't made the Wall of Fame yet? I was lucky enough to win the £20 voucher for week "E" though but never asked for a blinky (not sure if they were for the random win as well though). BJ

  3. Congratulations everyone :D
    Like BJ, I too haven't made the Wall of Fame, but with no false modest intended by any means, I haven't expected too going by the incredible art that gets entered here :0))

    1. Ditto, I hadn't expected to either as YES the art here is incredible, just thought the comment was assuming everyone had made it that's all. BJ

  4. Congratulations "U" people!!

  5. Congrats everyone !! I had not enough time to participate, but it's nice to see what you did in "U" !! Coco xx

  6. Congratulations to all! and Thank You!!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  7. Congratulations ladies, fabulous U pages.

    Sylv xx

  8. Congratulations to you all, I really don't know what I have to do to make the wall of fame, I went all out for U, and was told my pages were unbeatable, but again I am not here sob!

    1. Me either it is an enigma. BJ

    2. There has been over 830 entries so far... for 5 spots / fortnight. That's no enigma, just a lot of entries.
      There are still 6 months to go ;)

  9. Congratulations everyone great U pages, this challenge is soooooo much fun!!!!



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